Comporium Webmail Spam.

Comporium Webmail Spam.

If this is your first time to login into your email, chances are you have just received a large amount of spam. This is due to Comporium’s accounts being hacked by what appears to be Russian hackers.

This comes at the same time where I was able to get remote access into Comporium’s main servers using their own administrator account. I already have remote access into their main servers which is why this spam email came in instead of an email saying “Your password has been breached” or anything like that.

The reason for what appears to be Russian hackers is because the hostname used when performing the attack was ” “. As you can see, it says (via) which means that I was using a server from to perform the attack.

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This is why the spam email looks like it came directly from Comporium’s servers. To show you what I mean, look at this screenshot:

The “via” statement basically tells you where the spam actually originated from – in this case, This means that it technically didn’t come from Comporium’s servers, but the Russian hackers who hacked their email account so they can send out spam emails to all of you users/customers using Comporium’s main email address – which is why it says “via” at the bottom.

The main reason for this article is not to scare you, but to inform you. This means that we should all take precautions and change our PWs immediately. Chances are your PW was compromised already since the attackers were able to login into Comporium’s servers using their own administrator account.