Cogeco Webmail Error 400.

Cogeco Webmail Error 400.

After some tinkering around, I searched for an alternate method to get my emails. It required me to add the port number of POP before all domain email addresses in Cogeco Webmail; otherwise, it would result in error 400 on web access. If you are using a different password and username than mine, please change them accordingly:

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Directions: Go to the Settings tab, then select POP. Enter in a username and password that you will use to check your email via a mail reader (for example Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail). Here is an image of what I entered when setting up my account on my PC with Thunderbird.

I entered for my Username and for the password.

Next, find the line that says “Connect using:” below where you have entered your username and password. Then change it to read POP3 instead of IMAP. Also, make sure the box is checked to enable TLS encryption when you are entering your password into Thunderbird. This is located near the bottom of the page:

After you have done that, click Save Changes and your account should now be ready for email checking via a POP3 mail reader (like Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail). You can also use other email programs like Apple Mail, Outlook Express, etc. Just make sure that if you add your account in Outlook Express, that you add the as I did in Thunderbird and make sure to check the box for “Leave messages on server”, otherwise you will lose all of your emails when you start checking it through a POP3 client (Thunderbird or Windows Mail).