Can’t Log Into Cogeco Webmail?

Can’t Log Into Cogeco Webmail?


This is a known issue with Cogeco and their email service. What I had to do was call them, give them my customer number and they reset the password so I could log in again.

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Note: It took less than 5 minutes for them to reset the password once we called. You don’t have to wait days or anything like that.

Call them at 1-866-959-1458 and ask for Technical Support. They will need your customer/account number to confirm who you are…

(You can get this off your bill or from the front cover of one of their newspapers in the mail)

Once they’ve confirmed you, they will ask some questions like your name, who you want to send the email to, and how it will be sent (SMTP).

If this doesn’t work for you. Try calling at different times of the day. When I called they had an automated system that told me the wait time was less than one minute so I hung up and tried again later and it was less than one minute again.

Once you get through, good luck, and hope this helps!

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