Can’t Access Dod Webmail?

Can’t Access Dod Webmail?

In a bizarre coincidence, just as the Dod email system was crippled by a virus attack last Thursday, so too were other DOD systems.

Among them:

The Defense Travel System, a database of information on government travel and lodging for civilians and military personnel. And the Joint Automated Toolset System, which is supposed to be used only by DOD employees working with classified information.

And, as it turned out, a number of other Web-based email systems commonly used by the military and DOD civilians, including those for US Coast Guard Academy, Defense Information Systems Agency, and Office of Naval Intelligence.

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Not accessible to DOD employees:

The Federal Voter Assistance Program site that provides registration services for voters living overseas; the Defense Linguist Support System, which is used to recruit and train individuals with foreign language skills; and DOD’s community Web site on diabetes awareness.

That makes it sound like they’re not taking this very seriously, or at least that they don’t know what happened.

It doesn’t end there; far more machines were affected but not all of them were listed for security reasons.

The New York Times reported Friday that by one count, as many as 30 percent of DOD systems — and more than 100 separate computer networks — were affected in some way.

This is a typical tactic:

make something appear larger or smaller than it really is depending on its usefulness to the story they’re telling.

And it wasn’t just DOD systems that were affected, either.

The virus attack took down the online banking system run by San Francisco-based Internet Security Alliance for about two days last week. A number of Defense contractors with Web sites in the Washington area were also hit by attacks on their Web servers, which forced them to shut down their sites to the public.

Again, this is misleading in that it implies these were attacks against federal systems which isn’t necessarily the case.

“There are thousands of Web sites linked together,” he said, referring to DOD’s nonclassified network. “If you shut down one link, you have an impact on other parts.”

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