Can webmail be traced?

There are many reasons why people might want to know whether webmail could be tracked. Among them are the following:

You should know that webmail providers have the ability to track your webmail activity. This is one of the webmail’s features, and webmail providers have the right to use it for their own purposes. If you are a webmail user, then webmail has the ability to track every web address that you visit while logged into webmail. The webmail provider can also track your IP address through which you are accessing webmail. So webmail can be traced, but webmail providers do not often tell webmail users that they are able to monitor webmail activity.

One webmail provider that does track webmail activity is Gmail. When you are using webmail, it tracks your webmail activity even when you are browsing through encrypted websites. For example, if you visit a web page from Gmail and login to the web page by entering your username and password, Gmail will have access to all of your web sessions even if they are web sessions that you have on webpages that are encrypted by HTTPS. This is true for webmail providers such as Gmail, Google Mail, or Yahoo webmail providers. In fact, it even tracks web pages that you visit on web pages that load images from web servers of companies such as Facebook and Google.

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