Can webmail be hacked?

Hackers can hack webmail. Just like any web-based application, webmail is at risk of being hacked. Hackers might try to steal your password, meaning that they could access your webmail and look through your emails and other documents (e.g. images or spreadsheets) without your consent or knowledge. The capability to hack webmail depends on the webmail provider. If webmail is hacked, it should be possible to take steps to restore webmail to its normal function.

If webmail is hacked, you should immediately change your password. This will prevent hackers from accessing web-based applications using your username and password. You might also want to contact the webmail provider if webmail is hacked. You can do this by following the webmail provider’s instructions, or contacting webmail support directly.

Some webmail providers will delete your account and all of your files if they think that web-based applications (including webmail) has been hacked. It is important to note that webmail providers may delete webmail accounts even if webmail has not been hacked. This could happen if webmail is suspected of being used to distribute viruses, for example. Webmail providers might also delete webmail accounts if they think webmail is being used illegally (for example, copyright infringement). In these cases webmail can be restored after it has been deleted, but webmail may be more difficult to restore if webmail is hacked.


Webmail providers monitor web-based applications for suspicious activity and may delete webmail accounts even without proof that web-based applications have been hacked. If webmail is hacked, it should be possible to take steps to restore webmail to its normal function. It is important to immediately change webmail passwords when webmail has been hacked.

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