Bigpond Webmail Settings.

Bigpond Webmail Settings.

Bigpond is an Australian webmail system and is one of the most popular email services. BigPond provides its customers to access their email account, manage their contact lists, and control their personal preferences through a single sign-on site.

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We can set up our e-mail id on Bigpond as follows:

1) Visit the sign-in page and enter our User name and Password.

2) Once we have logged in we should click on the “Mail” tab to access our Bigpond account. Now, we can see that there are five drop-down menus under the Mail tab namely: New mail, Folders, Contacts, Calendar, and Notifications.

3) Now, we can see that there are some instructions as well as a tooltip for BigPond.

4) If we click on the “Contacts” tab we will be able to view and edit our contact list at any time. Moreover, we need not enter this information more than once because of the Contact Synchronization option.

5) Under the “Calendar” tab we can see our event list and set up a meeting. In addition, if we click on the drop-down menu to block or unblock any particular day, then that day will be automatically blocked from now onwards. Furthermore, if we select any date from the calendar then it will show us all our events on that particular day.

6) We can manage our “New Mail” by selecting the number of messages to be displayed before the first page loads, deleting messages directly from our mailbox without having to download them, and also setting up mail view preferences.

7) Moreover, if we visit the Settings option then it will give us various options to select, such as enabling or disabling AutoComplete, remembering our password, and what to do if we receive a phishing email.

8) We can also view the help articles for BigPond webmail by clicking on the “Help” tab. How To Stop Spam Emails?

9) Here we get an idea about how to stop junk emails to our Bigpond account. We can do this by clicking on the “More options” and then the “Junk E-mail Protection” option.

10) Now, we should click on the link for Protected Senders to include a sender in the Junk E-mail Protection list. In addition, to add an e-mail address or domain to this list, double-click on the sender’s e-mail address.

11) We should type the senders’ email address in the text box and click Add.

12) Now, we can see that our sender is added to the Protected Senders list where Bigpond will not recommend it as Junk E-mail.

13) We can also add addresses to the Blocked Senders list to prevent BigPond from sending mail to it in the future. In this way, we can stop spam emails and set up our email id on Bigpond.

14) We should perform all the above steps carefully and then we will be able to access our email account on Bigpond easily.

15) Finally, the settings will be made successfully and we should click on the “Save Changes” button to make our e-mail setting permanent. And also check How To Unblock Blocked Senders On Gmail.

16) For more queries regarding the BigPond customer service phone number, visit the official site.