Bigpond Webmail Change Password.

Bigpond Webmail Change Password.

The Bigpond webmail login site provides users with an option to change their password after the login session is over, however you might have forgotten your password for the email so how do you reset it? Well, this tutorial shows how to reset a lost Bigpond account password in just minutes.

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The process of changing your password is a very simple one and requires you to have your existing password as well as the full name of the person who owns that email address.

· Go to In the top box, type in your Bigpond account username or e-mail address then click on “Enter”.

· Forgot Password? Bigpond will send an email containing a unique link to your address. You can click on the link and enter a new password.

· The system will ask you to type in your existing password. If you have forgotten your password then click “Forgot Password?”.

· Type in the full name of the person who owns that email address.

· Click on “Change Password”. Type in the new password you want to use for your email address.

· You will receive a Bigpond confirmation e-mail with a link for changing the password.

· Go to your Inbox and click on the “Change My Password” link from the Bigpond webmail confirmation e-mail.

· Finally, you will be asked to enter a new password for your account and a verification question if the new password is different from your old one. After all these steps of resetting a Bigpond email password have been completed then you can start using that email address again.

That’s it! You can now log in with that new password and access your Bigpond account.