Bell Webmail Business.

Bell Webmail Business.

In a statement from Bell, they have stated that by the end of April 2012 all of its WEBMAIL users will be forced into using a business-class email service.

The new service is said to offer higher storage limits and more features at no additional cost to the user. The changes are expected to go live tomorrow afternoon.

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Many users are expected to be confused as they may not understand the new term “Business Class” and some may think it refers to a corporate email address or that they will be charged more. However this is not the case, the term only describes the storage capacity of their mailboxes.

All Bell Webmail accounts come with 2GB of storage for free with additional storage available to purchase, however with the new business class service this has now increased to 25GB.

The plan is said to give users over double the amount of storage space they currently have, plus it will include extra features such as message search and improved virus protection.

As before there will be no changes to your current account or email address.

The service will be the same as before with the only changes being that users will not be purchasing additional storage space but instead, they’ll have an increased limit to work with, which is good news for most home users. Some users are reporting having issues loading their mailboxes at this stage, but these problems are expected to be resolved by tomorrow.