Army Webmail OWA

Army Webmail OWA

Army Webmail (AWM) is the official email service for Army personnel. AWM allows secure communications and collaboration with other branch employees, family members, friends, and commanders. It also provides access to authorized websites where you can find information about career development, benefits, news updates, etc. This article discusses how to use AWM.

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Descriptions of Inputs required to access AWM are as follows:

1. Unit Identification Number (UIN) – 12-digit Army identification number assigned to Army personnel with an e-mail address. For non-prior service Soldiers, this number is your Social Security number.

2. Access Certificate (AC) – Digital certificate that is unique to each user. Each AC has an expiration date associated with it. The AC ensures that you are authorized to use your UIN and password to access the AWM system.

3. Password – 6-digit numeric password assigned to users by AWM. This password may be changed via AWM at least once every 90 days.

4. Browser – Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari that is installed on your computer and is configured to accept cookies and digital certificates.

5. Modem or high speed internet connection capable of at least 0.56 kbps download and 0.31 (DSL) – 0.56 (Cable) kbps upload speed.

The following steps should be taken to access Army Webmail:

1. Go to the AWM homepage at and type your UIN and password in the appropriate boxes and select “Login”. * Note: AWM is designed only to work with a current, authorized AC. If your AC is expired, you will be taken to the login page. Once you have an active AC, please select “Log In” from the AWM homepage or from

2. Type in all information as required and hit “Submit”.

3. The AWM system will verify your UIN and password before allowing access to the AWM inbox. If you have not used AWM for a while, you will be prompted to change your password after successful login.