Army Webmail Help Desk.

Army Webmail Help Desk.

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What’s the difference between IMAP and POP? How do I create a signature file? These are just some of the questions that users ask when they can’t access their email. For more complicated problems, such as lost passwords or forgotten mail folders, users need to contact their webmail support desk. The army has recently established an Army Webmail Help Desk to help answer users’ questions and reduce the number of calls going through the Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) help desk.

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Army Webmail is free, with no advertisements. It is easy to use, supports unlimited storage space, and allows an unlimited number of users to access your account from anywhere (including their mobile devices, any computer with Internet access, and via the web).

“The Webmail Help Desk is an extension of the COTS help desk,” said Michelle Shatters, System Administrator for the Army’s Webmail Help Desk. “If users can’t figure out how to use their email in the web browser, they call us instead of COTS.”

The Webmail Help Desk is a push service that standardizes, pushes out updates to users, and eliminates technical issues with the software. With a little training, users can learn to self-help themselves by following the troubleshooting guides on their accounts. If they still need help, they can contact the webmail support desk via email or phone for assistance.

“We provide email service to more than 200,000 users around the world,” said Shatters. “Most problems are easily solved with a little guidance.”

The Webmail Help Desk is not intended for advanced technical support issues, such as software configuration or hardware installation.

To contact the Webmail Support Desk, call 1-844-722-8269 or visit and click on “Help Desk.”