Army Webmail Enterprise.

Army Webmail Enterprise.

The Army has started to implement a new email enterprise called Army Webmail. The implementation is in the early stages with only about 300 users using the system since its inception on January 15, 2002. Although known officially as “Army Webmail,” no one knows what it will actually be called when fully deployed. It contains some features that resemble Microsoft Outlook such as allowing users to set up special folders for archived messages. It also contains some features that resemble America Online, such as providing a newsgroup where users can communicate with each other.

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The system is being implemented across the Army so all Soldiers will have access to the same email capabilities at work or on leave. The system provides organizational-level mailboxes that allow mail to be sent and received under the organizational name versus individual Soldier user names.

Army Webmail has been implemented incrementally as a pilot program at select locations across the Army for evaluation and refinement before the service is made available to all users. As such, there are no sure dates or plans as to when it will actually become fully operational.

Army Webmail will be provided to all military installations and other Army facilities that support email services, at no cost to the users. Installation of the system is controlled by each location that has responsibility for performing information systems functions in accordance with service directives. Locations are currently purchasing licenses for their population of users so implementation procedures vary across the Army.