Army Webmail Certificate Error.

Army Webmail Certificate Error.

Army Webmail is an easy-to-use web-based email service that allows you to access and manage your Army e-mail and other information from just about anywhere. has been accessible using most browsers without certificate errors but recently we have started getting these error messages when we access it.

What is a certificate error?

A certificate error is an alert from the browser that a security certificate has not been verified, which can make it appear as if a site does not have a secure connection to your computer.

When you connect to webmail or any other secure website, there are two parts that verify the connection is secure.

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The first part is the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), which verifies the certificate on the server-side. The second part is the web server or service you are trying to connect with, which verifies your computer’s certificate on the client-side. When both of these pieces match up and verify each other, the connection can be trusted.

A certificate error means there is a problem with either your computer’s security certificate or the website’s security certificate. The most likely explanation, in this case, is that the website you are trying to log in to uses an invalid or self-signed “security” certificate instead of a valid SSL server certificate issued by a Certification Authority (CA).

What causes Army Webmail Certificate Error?

This error can occur when Army computers access Army websites that use “security certificates” and the computer does not trust the certificate (self-signed, invalid, expired), or does not trust enough of the certification path. This is typically caused by a computer misconfiguration or software problem, not by an attack on Army networks.

Why can’t I access my Army Webmail account?

The following is a possible solution that has worked for some users with this error.

Please note that since certificates are issued to servers and not users, the fact that you cannot access your account does not mean that your account or computer has a problem.

This could be caused by one of the following reasons:

– Your web browser is not accepting the certificate issued to the server you are attempting to connect to.

– If you cannot access other Army websites like milConnect and NIPR (non ssl address), this could indicate a local configuration problem on your computer. If you are accessing the certificate error website via a proxy, try connecting directly to the internet rather than through a proxy.

Try the following steps in order until one of them resolves your issue:

– Shut down all browsers, close any Windows or Command Prompt sessions, and restart your browser.

– Disable the “Use SSL 3.0” setting in Internet Explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab)

– Disable the “Automatic Certificate Request Settings” in Internet Explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Content tab)

– Add to your Address Book or Safe List in Outlook Express (Tools -> Options -> Mail Format tab)

– Check the Root Certificate for Your Organization to Ensure that it has not Expired.