Amnet Webmail forgot password.

Amnet Webmail forgot password.

In Amnet, we have had a lot of users who forgot their passwords and we were unable to reset them because we could not get in contact. So I found a way and tested and it works very well. If you knew your username but forgot your password this is what you do:

Log in with your username (example: [email protected] )

Then you add a new account, for this example, we will use [email protected]

You can put any username and password you want. It doesn’t have to be the real one. You can also change it later if you know your password. When asked for a recovery email, create a new email on Gmail or another webmail and use it.

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Now login with your new username ([email protected]) and password you put in the recovery email (example: [email protected] ) and you will see that you got access to all your folders again.

You can also add several accounts like this, depending on how many user and pass combos you know. If you forget your password and you have several accounts just go there and create new ones with the other passwords.

You can also use this trick to lock people out of their own accounts if they don’t know the password. You just need to know their username. This is not a bug or something Amnet can fix, it’s an actual security issue that lots of webmails have.