Aliant Webmail help.

Aliant Webmail help.

When the Aliant Webmail is installed, a file called “php4ts.dll” was created in your c:\program files\Aliant\Webmail directory. This file is required when using PHP scripts for browsing and sending mail via Aliant webmail.

In order for this feature to work you need to copy this file in the c:\windows\system32 directory.

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Tcp/IP configuration

You also need to enter your server’s IP or Domain name when sending emails, so that the email client obtains the correct mail server address. This is done by clicking on “Send”. A small window will open asking for an email address and a subject. Type the email address and a subject of your choice, then click on “Send”.

Once you have done that a window will open called “Account Information” with several options under it, press option number 3 “Other Options”, then option number 1 “Add”. Another small window will open called “Edit Mail Account” with two tabs at the top, press the tab that says “Servers”.

A drop-down box will appear underneath it with several options. The option to change this depends on your ISP/the people who host your email server. The default for many is “Auto Detect” but some companies require you to enter an IP or Domain name here.

Once you have done that click “OK” and then press “Save Changes”. Once you have done that the window will close and you may now send and receive emails.

If your email server requires an IP/Domain name it is usually found on your ISP/Email Company’s website or they can provide a serial numbers to enable this feature.