Adam Webmail not working.

Adam Webmail not working.


Go to the file: c:\pvpgn\etc\config.xml

Change all instances of web1 to web2.

Save file.

Restart PVPgn services for this change to take effect.

Adam Webmail should now be working as it should have been before.

If you are still experiencing problems after this please contact us on

Adam Webmail not working.

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The attached file contains a copy of the group email chain, which was posted on November 21st, 2004. A reader sent us this e-mail and we were surprised to discover that it is still regularly referenced in discussions. It is included here for the sake of completeness, to show how long some matters can linger without resolution.

The original pvpgn-users post reads: “Adam Webmail not working.” The poster states that a solution was given in reply which involved editing a configuration file and restarting the PVPgn services. If this did not work, then the poster was encouraged to contact PVPgn on

The original poster of this message did not elaborate on what happened next and it is therefore unclear whether the problem was ever resolved. It seems likely that either the solution did not work or nobody told him/her how to correctly implement it. S/he probably ended up trying several things to get Adam Webmail working again, which is why the thread has continued for so long.

Why did this problem occur in the first place? Why was Adam Webmail broken? What is the cause of the original poster’s woes? And why are still people coming across this problem?

The answer lies in some changes that were made after the original pvpgn-users post. The next entry read: “Adam Webmail not working. – I have this same problem on another server of mine, it seems to be related to several plugins being updated.”

Replying, someone explained that “the webmail plugin has been updated and some changes have had to be made.

Do the following:

– Unload the plugin from your server

– In c:\PVPgn\etc\config.xml edit all instances of web1 to web2 (should be 3 or 4)

– Reload the plugin from you server”

Here, it is revealed that the problem is not specific to any one Adam Webmail plugin (web1) but rather to all of them. The cause was identified as changes made in the “webmail” plugin after it was updated to a newer version.

The next few entries in the thread were short and probably just served to confirm that this solution did indeed solve the problem. The next interesting entry was made by someone who claimed that they had manually added the addresses and passwords of their friends to Adam Webmail and were now experiencing problems because others could also log in as them:

“I found a way to fix it.. we added people, but we didnt edit config.xml, so we can login as them, but they can’t as us…

– In config.xml, go to the webmail section

– There you will find something like this:

Change it to:

– Save and restart PVPgn..”

This person then said that the problem only occurred with “web1.2.8”, but that they had managed to get it working again with “web1.2.9”. S/he then said that s/he was going to send a bug report to the authors of Adam Webmail and suggest an upgrade to 1.3 which would improve this aspect of web-based e-mail.

This problem is still being discussed today. However, the fix is now more straightforward :

– Load Adam Webmail

– Go to “Settings”

– Click on the relevant account name at the top left of the new window that pops up

– Change “ADAM Login/Password” to anything randomizing each login attempt (including capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols).

– Save.

The Adam Webmail server will then give you a “bad login” message that will prevent anyone else from logging in as your friends. If they try to log into your account with their own email address, it will now display the same highly secure login message instead of letting them straight through.