Adam Webmail help.

Adam Webmail help.


First, check your ‘Spam’ folder, often the message ends up there. If it is there delete it.

If you are still not receiving mail or having getting errors check if your account settings have been changed. Check that the incoming and outgoing mail servers are correct.

If this does not work please contact

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Further Information:

If you are still not receiving mail please contact for further assistance.

Adam Webmail is a web-based application that allows users to access e-mails via any device connected to the internet without having to use email software like Outlook or Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.

The service is provided by Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc., an ISP with HQ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adam Webmail has been acquired by the same company that runs Adam4 since July 20, 2010. Ever since then they have worked hard to upgrade all servers and software to be compatible with the Google Apps Engine (GASE).

This merger has brought many new features and changes.

Adam Webmail is a web-based e-mail product available on the internet. Adam Webmails main features include Spam and Ham (also known as Junk and Regular) folders, Bulk mail folder for moving messages to a specific folder based on keywords in the subject head, Utilities for searching the user’s Inbox and Sent folders, Logging in from other computers or mobile devices with a unique login URL that never expires, Sending & receiving public and private e-mail messages through POP3 / SMTP servers, Encryption to protect your personal information from being hacked plus many other features.

The inbox is a constantly updated list of e-mails that are sent to your e-mail address. With Adam Webmail you will be able to send and receive emails, just like any other email client or program that has been installed on your computer.

There is no download required because the client is browser-based. Therefore there is no installation process whatsoever!

Adam Webmail can be used on the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Adam Webmail offers improved speed, reliability & many features that are not available in most web-based email providers.

Adam Webmail uses an enhanced spam filter which means less junk mail to sift through! What’s more, because of its server-side spam filter you can email whomever you want without worrying about spam complaints since the spam filter is built into the server.

Try Adam Webmail today and enjoy No adware, No spyware, and never any spam!